The curriculum used at Simply Your Best combines two important aspects of developing your potential: general skill-based strategies, and topic-based individualized learning. Classes are designed so that clients can enroll at any time (rather than wait for a semester to finish).

Life Skill Lessons

The skill-based component of coursework focuses on presenting and practicing skills that you may utilize in daily life. These are focused primarily on personal development and interpersonal relationships. The skill covered in each lesson focuses on improving one of 10 "Universal Needs", and rotated so that clients received exposure to various concepts within each course.

Topic Lessons

In addition to the skill-based lessons, most courses include topic lessons that build awareness in a specific area of interest. In this way, many clients in a class meeting may be learning different topics. This also allows for customized classes for clients with special needs.

Class Meetings

These two components of classes are tied together within the class meeting structure, so that clients can learn further from each other (not only by presentation of the topic but also in how that was used by the client). Clients receive real-life examples of how the skills and topics can be used, which brings the lessons full circle from presentation to practice to feedback.


Finally each component of the course is assessed separately, based on demonstration by the client to understand and use the skills and topics they presented. A client must score 75% in these assessments to pass the course - it is a big challenge! However this is a challenge that is achievable. No prior experience or education is required, and through the assistance of facilitators (teachers), other group members and the comprehensive curriculum you can do it too!